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Welcome to the Health & Medical Publishing Group

HMPG is the leading publisher of academic health and medical content in South Africa. Established in 2005 to manage the publications of the South African Medical Association (SAMA), HMPG now provides journal publishing services to several leading professional and learned societies in South Africa.

Our goal is to publish practice-changing research and support academic communities to share
knowledge that leads to improvements in medical care and health outcomes across the continent. More than 25,000 health and medical professionals regularly receive at least one of HMPG’s respected journals.


Strategic Goal

“To become the top publisher of high-impact information products that enable
informed decision-making at all levels of healthcare in South Africa.”


  • We already reach decision makers, but are now prioritising delivery of evidence that will change minds for the betterment of health in South Africa


  • Promote the generation and dissemination of evidence for better health
  • Strengthen academic medicine in South Africa
  • Campaign for better use of evidence in policy-making
  • Prioritise capacity building among young researchers


  • Research integrity
  • Academic rigor
  • Community engagement and responsiveness
  • Evidence-based decision making


  • The HMPG is the publisher of the most widely read journal – of any discipline – in the entire country: the SAMJ
  • We reach upwards of 17 000 practising doctors, and our content is read and cited by policy-makers at all levels of the health sector
  • Our readers not only read and value our content as a publication, they also return to it, reference it and share it with their colleagues.
  • This pass-on value means our content has a lifespan that extends far beyond a single issue’s print run.